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"This manual is very thorough and organized and can easily be adapted for any classroom situation. (Being a technology teacher, I especially like the "troubleshooting tips" section.) Very user friendly." - Cordis S.

"I especially liked the office referral form instead of having to explain discipline levels. Your manual is very well done!" - Wendy R.

"When the teacher is absent, will the day be one of "smooth sailing," or will it be chaos for the students, the substitute teacher, and the principal? The success of those days is in large part due to the instructions we give the substitute teacher. In her Substitute Teacher Manual, Vicki Davis has done the work for you. You see a framework of what to include. You see examples Vicki uses in her own classroom. Best of all, you can customize it to meet your needs. In her podcasts, Vicki reminds us "every classroom matters." In this must-have manual, she reminds us every classroom matters even on the days the teacher cannot be there." -- Frank Buck, Ed.D.

"This Substitute Manual is incredibly thorough! Ensuring that a substitute is fully prepared to take your place can make or break their day. Vicki has thought of everything in this manual, and using it will clearly set any substitute (AND YOUR STUDENTS) up for a successful experience. I have heard from many substitutes that they appreciate clear and thorough plans and information. Additionally, in working with many classroom teachers, they have struggled with what they should leave for a substitute in their absence... this manual is THE answer!" --Krista Schmidt 

A SECRET OF TEACHER SUCCESS. This 54-page editable manual is designed to improve learning and behavior in your classroom when you're absent and a substitute teacher is in charge. Just edit, print, and go!

UPDATED April 2016: based on teacher feedback. Now including: seating chart icons, a copy of my class rules and sample lesson plan, and additional PC & Mac Compatibility so it looks great on either!**


If you've ever come back after an absence to a messy classroom where students misbehaved and didn't get work done while you were out, you might need a good substitute teacher manual!

- Welcome and set the tone for your guest teacher.

- Establish a partnership with guest teachers and treat them as the professionals they are.

- Give your guest teacher necessary information so they can attend to their personal needs.

- Includes some essential forms adapted for a guest teacher's unique role in your classroom.

- Plan ahead for an emergency absence by including some emergency lesson plans. (Emergency plans aren't included as you need those based on your subject and grade level.)

- Includes a place for common problems and answers to prevent wasted time.

- Includes a place for emergency procedures. Your substitute won't be caught off guard in case of a fire drill, tornado drill, code blue drill (or hopefully not, a true emergency.)

- Includes an office referral form that will prevent miscommunications and discipline problems.

- Be clear on end of day procedures so you come back to a nice classroom.

- Hear from the guest teacher using a special review procedure so you can stop future problems before they happen.

- Don't lose momentum or add to your own stress when you have to be out unexpectedly.

Implementation is simple: you can print out the blank pages and write down or copy the information, or you can edit the template to create your own customized, professional looking substitute teacher manual.


This product includes everything you need to create your own substitute teacher manual:

⇒Three (3) versions of the substitute teacher manual: an editable teacher manual in Powerpoint, a blank printable PDF copy (you can edit on it as well), and a demo PDF copy with all of my templates from the editable file.

⇒ Tips on how to communicate with your substitute to make him or her a professional partner.

⇒ A printable binder that is ready to go. Just handwrite or edit and go.

⇒ The classroom review process that makes all the difference when you return (and makes future absences easier.)

⇒ A customizable PowerPoint Template with notes on each slide about the strategies and tips that will help your substitute feel empowered and to maintain your classroom momentum.


⇒ 5 Sample Cover Pages

⇒ 4 Table of Contents options including a color coded one matching the Avery tabs I recommend in the supply list

⇒ A sample welcome letter template.

⇒ 10 Form Templates

⇒ 17 Basic Categories of Information with Headings

Seating chart icons you can move around and duplicate to quickly have a professional looking seating chart.

⇒ Sample Troubleshooting Guide A copy of my most common four technology problems when I am absent and instructions for how they can be handled. You can edit these or erase them and enter your own troubleshooting guide.

⇒ Pre-made Tabs and a Binder Spine - ready to print

A supply list and instructions.

⇒ Oh, and did I say EDITABLE? (Why yes I did. ;-))

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Substitute Teacher Manual

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